Handmade, vegan friendly, organic candles with recyclable packaging.

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Welcome to my website and to my candle making journey.

Lighting a candle and watching the flame flicker and dance for a few minutes, or more if you have the time, can help to relieve daily stress. Combine that with a healing scent and allow yourself a little time to unwind. Turn off your 'auto-pilot' and relax into the moment, focusing only on the flame. Observe it's colours and the way in which it moves. Focus on your breathing and take some lovely deep breaths.

This mindfulness technique will not cure all ills or sort out all problems but it will help to give your mind and body time to slow down and appreciate the moment. It has been proven to aid in stress relief, and it's something I practice regularly.


I pride myself on my products being vegan friendly and organic. Every single candle has been handmade (by me) using soy wax and 100% natural dyes and organic oils. Please be aware that because each candle is individually melted and poured, there may be slight natural inconsistencies in the wax and the colour of the dye. Soy wax is a brilliant wax for candle making as it produces no soot when burning (clean burning), it burns for longer than paraffin waxes (commonly used in mass candle production), and it holds scent well. The slight negative is that it has a habit of shrinking back as it dries, so it can create lovely textural/crystallized patterns on the top of the candle, these are simple aesthetic and will disappear once the candle is burning.

Each candle has approximately 18 hours of burning time, sometimes longer.

From the feedback I've received, the candles make a lovely gift for any occasion.

Without gift wrap you simply receive the candle in it's tin.

With gift wrapping you will receive each candle wrapped and boxed with twine and brown paper labels.

A one off special - Rainbow Candle - Keep scrolling for more details.


I have a small range of candles and scents to choose from, each has a connection to the natural world. Choosing the right candle might be tricky as your sense of smell is unique to you, and things you will find pleasant and uplifting, might not be for others. I will try to describe the scents that I have created in as much detail as possible, so you can make an informed choice. Do not hesitate to email for more information if you are unsure.

I have kept my range very natural and very simple as I wanted to stay as far away from mass production and a chemically/fake scent as I could. I only tend to blend a maximum of two scents together, anymore than that and my brain gets a bit overwhelmed, so you will not find cocktail mixes or flamboyant concoctions here. Not that there's anything wrong with the more intricate blends, they just don't appeal to me. I have also chosen to not give the candles delightfully creative names, as they are what they are, continuing with the 'simple is best' theme that seems to suit my candle making.


I know that I always find it annoying when I order a candle for myself and the first thing I do is throw away all the wrapping, as the candle is for my use. So, I am offering you the option of gift wrapping. For a small amount of money you can select the 'Gift Wrapped' option below when selecting to buy.

I try to keep all of my gift wrapping recyclable. Please recycle when you can.

I can also personalise the name of the receiver on the labels, if you so wish, for no extra charge. Just drop me a little note in the Paypal payment.





Sweet Orange - A particular favourite of mine. I find it zesty and refreshing and full of summer promise. I imagine a beautful orange tree full of ripe fruit, and the candle smells like an orange that has just been picked and peeled in the warm sunshine, straight from the tree.

Sweet Orange - With the gift wrapping option £11.20

Sweet Orange - Without the gift wrapping option £10

Lemongrass and ginger - A citrus burst of lemongrass hits you first followed by a subtle ginger aroma. The lemongrass ensures that this is an uplifting and energising candle, but the addition of ginger just warms the scent, so it does not smell like an insect repelling citronella candle.

Lemongrass & Ginger - With the gift wrapping option £11.20

Lemongrass & Ginger - Without the gift wrap option £10

Lavender - This candle holds the beautiful calming effect of lavender oil. I wanted to create a totally natural aroma, as if you were walking through the garden, brushing your hand against a lavender bush.

Lavender - With the gift wrapping option £11.20

Lavender - Without the gift wrapping option £10

Sage - A sublime and earth evoking scent. It reminds me of a forested area, sitting by a stream under the shade of the trees, and I have tried to capture that wonderful earthy smell that permeates the soul as you sit there listening and absorbing nature.

Sage - With gift wrapping option £11.20

Sage - Without gift wrapping option £10

Honeyed Clementine - This is probably the most potent candle scent I offer. If you like citrus scents with a twist, then this one is for you. The honey brings a warmth and a richness to the aroma and the clementine cuts through with it's zesty wonder.

Honeyed Clementine - With the gift wrapping option £11.20

Honeyed Clementine - Without gift wrapping option £10

Sandalwood and a hint of vanilla - This candle reminds me of long, hot summer days spent chilling in a meadow full of gorgeous wild flowers. The sandalwood aroma is well known for it relaxation properties and the vanilla adds a flash of sweetness into the mix.

Sandalwood & Vanilla - With the gift wrapping option £11.20

Sandalwood & Vanilla - Without the gift wrapping option £10

Ocean - This scent is a blend of oils which have created a scent that should take you to the sea salty crisp and fresh air of beach life. The beach is a favourite place of mine and I have tried to capture the organic natural beauty of it in this candle.

Ocean - With the gift wrapping option £11.20

Ocean - Without the gift wrapping option £10

English Rose - I know that English rose is a very 'old fashioned' scent, but I had to include it in my candles. My grandmother had a sunken rose garden, and this heady rosey aroma takes me back to those days where the roses would be the only smell wafting around the whole garden. It's unashamedly pink and flowery and a lushious English garden scented candle.

English Rose - With the gift wrapping option £11.20

English Rose - Without the gift wrapping option £10

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Please read and follow all of these guideline when using candles:

  1. Prior to use remove and recycle all outer packaging.
  2. NEVER leave a candle unattended.
  3. Keep candle away from children and pets
  4. Keep candle away from things which might catch fire.
  5. Keep candle upright and on a solid non-flammable base.
  6. Do not drop matches or debris in the wax pool.
  7. Never put a candle in a draught.
  8. Keep the candle wick trimmed to a quarter of an inch or approx 12mm.
  9. Do NOT consume the candle, they might smell nice, but they are not for eating!
  10. Do not use the candle wax on your body.

Rainbow candle £24.00

Rainbow Candle - I have one of these, just one! I will be making more in the future, they are very time consuming to create. This has been made in a recycled jam jar (fully sterilised, 11cm high) , the candle is 100% soy wax with natural colourings. It is an unfragranced candle. I hope it finds a good home out there. It will come fully gift wrapped for the price above.



I am so impressed with my Lemongrass and Ginger candle. On lighting it is virtually smokeless and soon a wonderfully natural aroma fills the room without any undertone of harsh chemicals. Thank you, Angelicandle! March 2021


If you have any questions or enquiries please feel free to fill in the form below. I will reply to your queries as soon as I am able. Thanks.