Beeswax Candles


I decided to start experimenting with beeswax after using soy wax and finding that I was not always achieving the desired results. Every candle wax has different challenges when working with them. Soy wax is wonderful for providing clean burning in a container, but it is not always the most reliable wax when creating free standing candles, it has a mind of its own and is prone to shrinkage.

Beeswax however is a different matter altogether. It is a hard, traditional wax for making candles. Beeswax is actually safer and healthier than using soy wax as it produces negative ions that bond with toxins in the air, they are nature's air purifiers! I blend natural coconut oil into my beeswax candles so that the wax melts evenly, without the coconut oil the beeswax is a little too hard and the burning of the candle is often uneven.


I only have a small range of beeswax candles, but as with the soy candles, every single one is handcrafted and made with lots of love, care and attention. Each candle is detailed below seperately. As stated above I use a 50/50 blend of beeswax to coconut oil to create a beautifully smooth finish to the candles and allow for even burning.


Due to the delicacy of my beeswax candles, they have to come gift wrapped, so there is only one price per candle. I can write a special message on the gift tag if you wish, or the tag can be left blank for you to write your own message on it.


Beehive - These candles come as a pair. They are made from 50% pure beeswax and 50% organic coconut oil. The candles measure 5cm (50mm) high. They are unscented but if you choose to burn them you will experience the wonderful natural aroma of beeswax in the air, the honey tainted scent of nature. They will also be naturally purifying the air around them.

A pair of beehive candles with gift wrapping £13.20

Pillar candles (small) - These come as a pair, you get one smooth candle and one wrinkled effect candle. They measure 9cm (with wick). They are a 50% beeswax, 50% coconut oil mix and are unscented.

A pair of pillar candles with gift wrapping £16.00

Square candle (small) - This is a single beeswax candle. It has a lovely geometric simplicity to it. It measures 7.5cm (with wick). It is a 50% beeswax, 50% coconut oil mix and it is unscented.

Square candle with gift wrapping £10.00


Please read and follow all of these guideline when using candles:

Beeswax melts at a higher temperature than soy wax, so can burn. It is very important that all safety guidelines are followed to avoid an accident.

  1. Prior to use remove and recycle all outer packaging.
  2. NEVER leave a candle unattended.
  3. Keep candle away from children and pets
  4. Keep candle away from things which might catch fire.
  5. Keep candle upright and on a solid non-flammable base.
  6. Do not drop matches or debris in the wax pool.
  7. Never put a candle in a draught.
  8. Keep the candle wick trimmed to a quarter of an inch or approx 12mm.
  9. Do NOT consume the candle, they might smell nice, but they are not for eating!
  10. Do not use the candle wax on your body.


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